The ABCs of Raising Twins

As a mother of two sets of fraternal boy/girl twins, I am often asked, "How do you do it?" I do not have an answer. I am just a regular 27 year old who has never known it any other way. Most people come home from the hospital with one baby. I , however, always seem to come out with a pair. Through my experiences, I feel that there is no such answer. Each child is a unique gift with their own personality, likes, dislikes, and own sense of self. I have no master plan. I deal with each moment as it comes and try to remember that these are the best days of my life. There are moments, I must admit, that I feel like my day will never end and my own personal identity is withering away. A smile or hug from my children washes this feeling away. I am a mother chosen for this great adventure and I press on.

For your reading pleasure, I have listed my ABC's of Twin Motherhood. Enjoy!

A - Advice. Upon egg fertilization, you have become a target of every woman who has given birth. Remember that all these bits of information come with good intentions. You may be surprised at what you'll learn.

B - Bottles. Give your baby a bottle, and in minutes, you will find a baby and no bottle. Bottles have an invisibility power that only weakens as milk starts to clabber.

C - Carpet. Remember it like it was. Tell all of your friends that having a recliner in the middle of your living room floor is "in" this season.

D - Diapers. This one's a no-brainer. Clip those coupons and buy in bulk.

E - Energy. Your little bundles of joy come heavily equipped. You, on the other hand, will question your ability to breathe.

F - Fingerprints. You will have twenty on every wall, window and mirror around. Good news! They're a fast and easy cleanup.

G - Grandma. She's the ultimate spoiler. Did she really raise you?

H - Housecleaning. Accept that while raising twins, your house cannot stay clean for intervals exceeding ten minutes.

I - Ice packs. Paired up with a kiss, it's just what the mommy ordered.

J - Jumbo. If it comes in jumbo size, that's the way we mothers of twins buy it.

K - Kisses. There's nothing better than kisses from your little ones. They even come in a variety of flavors. Chocolate and dirt are two of the most common.

L - Laughter. Try to laugh at your daily mishaps. Will your children really remember the time you tried to feed them cheerios in a bottle?

M - Mother. You are no longer your mother's daughter. You are now her clone.

N - Nights. You will experience many sleepless nights the first few months of your twins' arrival. Weren't sleepless nights much more fun in college?

O - Offerings. Offer your significant other the opportunity to spend quality time with the little darlings. Run to the nearest spa! (Keep cell phone handy)

P - Potty Training. Good Luck!

Q - Quiet. In the rare instance that children are simultaneously sleeping, savor the quiet.

R - Remember. Remember these days. You will one day wonder how it happened so fast.

S - Sacrifice. Who wanted to go out for a night on the town anyway?

T - Terrible Two's. Be brave and remember these are your children and you love them. Their behavior is a force of nature and uncontrollable.

U - Utility Room. Now you know why they make Super Capacity Plus machines.

V - Voices. No, you're not crazy. There really are little people saying your name over and over again.

W - Whisper. Teach everyone in the house this technique for keeping babies asleep.

X - Xtras. Two extra people to love and love you back.

Y - Young. Keep smiling. Your babies are keeping you young at heart.

Z - Zzz's - Try to catch some. Tomorrow starts early.

Michelle Marsh is the mother of two sets of boy/girl twins. She is the proud owner of Twin Gifts & Invitations. Subscribe to her free online newsletter at

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