Teach Your Kids to Cook Well, Eliminating Excessive Health Care Needs in the Future

We are all aware of the child obesity epidemic that has not only attacked the United States, but internationally as well. To keep our children healthy and keep health care costs down, we must examine even the simplest angles to prevent this problem.

33% of boys and 27% of girls are considered overweight according to the American Obesity Association's latest numbers. 15% of children are obese.

It is necessary to educate our children about healthy eating and proper physical fitness before their weight gets out of control. The statistics are readily available through an internet search and they definitely speak for themselves. There is no need to go deeper into them for our purposes.

One of the best ways to start your children on the right path is to cook together. As evident in my college roommates, cooking knowledge is no longer passed down from generation to generation. It seems we have a tendency to rely too heavily on processed foods that are minutes away from the dinner table.

Learning to cook is one of the best things a person can learn. They will be more apt to eat healthier foods while staying away from fast food and microwave dinners. An avid cook tries new foods and learns to get the most out of them.

Cooking with your kids will give them a basic foundation and possibly a passion for the culinary. They will take these skills with them and they will not be afraid of the kitchen.

When they head to college, they will save money by shopping at the grocery store and not spending it on junk hamburgers with a super-sized order of french fries and a gigantic soda. They will know how to battle their way through the kitchen, and who knows, maybe you will have learned something for yourself.

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