Wholism and Materialism

Perhaps I could make a lot of money by founding a Thinker's Anonymous organization. It surely is the rage to eschew thinking.

Helping people achieve great things is worthwhile to your SELF.

If you do not know your SELF you will hurt those you try to make do what you want them to. This macho control mechanism built into materialistic society is exemplified by professionals and experts who are giving drugs to manage 'money-trees' (students and Ritalin, or old people and ECT especially) and managing bureaucracies or saying they are 'just' as they lead us to in-'just'-ice:

1. War
2. Religion and divisive ethnic ideologies - rather than ecumenical spiritual goals
3. Hate for others and putting women in a second class status
4. Insisting on education to make others BE like them
5. Pursuit of power rather than LOVE and creativity

It is summed up in the words of the noted journal The Economist in their millennium issue - they call what we have 'an inhumane bureaucracy' as they enumerate the outcome of the Napoleonic War's institution of 'standing armies'.

Wholism is spiritual & ass-'holes' are not.

Holism is not Wholism!

This is a response to a person who wanted the nuts and bolts of what I said in a detailed expose of Wholistic approaches that are in variance to the way of many social programs and our overall bureaucracy. It is probably part of the kind of thought that the Beat Generation, Hippies, Cynics like Jesus and Goths or other drop-outs that 'turn-on' to new paradigms and alternatives, have been seeing since the dawn of civilization.

'The flower children and groupies are not often willing to do the work that many business types and academics have done. I have found what I think of as independent thinkers (Which is the main characteristic of a Hippie, I think.) in all social groups or walks of life. Michel Foucault and his students at the Sorbonne or Pierre Trudeau and Jean-Paul Sartre and his beau are established thinkers of the genre. This book and the work required of any forum seeking change will try to explore why they are so unable to get a larger audience to actually take the ethics they speak about and apply them in real world changes.

I will have to get past the Hegelian Being-ness and other confused Neo-Platonic rhetoric to the nuts and bolts of Gothic ideas and historical agendas again. I guess the cultivation of positive emotions can assist in a therapeutic manner which will enable people. But wishful-thinking alone will not solve much of the ethical issues borne through constant power-mongering or people needing to fight each other for more of that elusive and fictional One Pie. Let us strive to reduce any cherished illusions of our history if they do not stand the test of common sense for the good of all people. It may turn out to be an exploration of the sublime inter-connectiveness and I hope I will be fair in seeing the positives that Machiavelli and the likes of Carlyle can offer real thinkers in the present as well.'

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