Humans and Their Innate Need for Drug Stimulation

We know that ancient cultures and Indians and the like across the globe used such mind-altering drugs to alter their states. Still today in the world we have whole cultures enslaved to drugs of some type. Heroine, Opium, Peyote, Marijuana, Cocaine, it almost appears to be a human issue, a need. Most who study such believe that since the addictions affect the frontal lobes that the it also affects the basic drives of that individual which we have all heard of when individuals will steal from friends and family to obtain more drugs. For mankind to progress we will need to maintain flow of thought in all members of the species. We have failed miserably in this regard.

It affects every aspect of our lives and is tough on the business community who needs the employees mind present for productivity. We need to be cognizant of the effect on the flow of thought in each of individual and how that affects the whole. Drugs change the flow of thought and force it into an unnatural state, which affects the flow of every thing else. If we are to decide to allow this, for instance legalize certain drugs such as we have done with caffeine and alcohol then we need to realize that this in fact changes the flow of thought and will change the way mankind interacts.

Americans are not to unlike other cultures in this regard, as there is a huge drug problem in the United States today, being exploited by foreigners and US citizens to feed the unending demand. Why? We teach our children to "just say no" we have many programs available for youth to prevent this. Many of the other problems we face in this great civilization stem from drug use. Think of it. Crime, violence, abuse, homelessness, work ethic, petty theft, rising health care costs, over populated prisons and even economic money flows out of the country through underground economies. Drug use for mood enhancement and mental stimulation seem to go back thousands of years, but haven't we come far enough to see that the drugs are poisoning the minds of our youth? Think about it; A solution is needed.

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