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If you really want to get your children to eat better, and have a better understanding of healthy foods, let them help in the picking and cooking of those foods. When you go shopping, let your children pick out a fruit or vegetable to cook that week. Make dinner time a family affair where everyone gets to help. From setting the table to mixing the salad, or stirring the pot, everyone has a hand in making and cooking the meal. It gives your children a good feeling to be included in the process. They get to be involved in purchasing, preparation, cooking and eating of the food.

This also provides a multitude of learning experiences for your children. How to pick out fruits, vegetables, and meats in the store. Storing them, cleaning and putting them away when you get home. Planning menus, food preparation, cooking times, portion control, and measuring. Lots of new learning experiences. By having them help plan the menus you get them to work on their writing, spelling and penmanship. Measuring ingredients helps with math skills.

Here in California we promote an Eat 5 A Day Plan (eat 5 fruits and vegetables a day). You could make a chart up for the family and give one of your children the job of entering who ate how many fruits and veggies for the day. Each week it becomes a different child's chore, so that everyone gets a chance.

Making meals a family affair can offer a multitude of bonding, learning and just good old fashioned family time experience. Why not start today!

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