Life Stuck In Fast Forward

the woes of being a parent of an ADHD child.....

Like Curious George discovering new things and fiddling with the old, you go through life. Taking things apart and scattering the pieces here and there. Putting books in the freezer and clothes in the food cabinet. Where the food went, Lord only knows.

You remind me of a living tape recorder,going through life stuck on fast forward in a blur of activity. Trying to accomplish many things at once and completing none without constant reminders and coaxing. Life is full of multi-colored lights and muffled sounds moving way too fast.

You need to slow down some and put life on pause sometime. Savor the things in life and fill your senses. There are things to savor like the smell, texture and beauty of a flower, or observing the life of a busy insect. If you keep your life in order, you would be able to find things, and your room would not look like a tornado hit it.

Maybe you could even put your life on stop now and again and get some rest. Speaking like Mickey Mouse, yet speaking so quickly I need to rewind what you said. Whirling and spinning like Taz and acting like Speedy Gonzales without the accent. Slow down some...and be my little boy today.

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Caitlyn Carrington

Greetings.. I am a published Poetess and new writer. I write short stories fiction and non-fiction, tv scripts, children's stories and novels. My work can be seen on,, http://freelancersrealm/

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