A Mothers Love

Once upon a time there was a beautiful bird whose golden feathers and sweet voice attracted attention where ever she went. She was not only beautiful but also extremely intelligent and talented and she longed to leave the nest and try her wings out in the big world.

At first she did not fly far from home and when she returned to the nest, she still felt a part of it but then she flew to a foreign land and things began to change. She stayed for awhile on the rim of the nest of others but she could not find a place to rest, so she flew around and around getting more and more dis heartened and more and more tired until her golden feathers lost their lustre and her sweet voice no longer broke out in song.

She began to fear that she would never have a nest of her own and believed that there was no other nest that she could return to. She became lost, flying around and around in circles, landing for a short time but always on the verge of flight as the fear over took her.

One day she was flying aimlessly around and came upon a brick wall that was so high and so wide, she could not get around it or past it. She tried to pull back but it was too late and she flew right into the wall, breaking one of her beautiful wings.

She was bruised and shaken and in such pain she cried out for help and those who love her, heard her cries and gathered her back into the nest from which she'd first flown.

Knowing her distress they cushioned the nest with love and concern and set up branches below it so that if she faltered on the edge, she would not fall. They knew that she had no wish to be there and that her broken wing had made her sad. They understood that she longed to soar above the trees again but they also knew that she needed them so they closed their wings around her and held her close lest she try to fly with her damaged wing causing herself more harm.

They knew that it would not be easy, but they were united in their love and concern for her. They understood that when her beautiful golden wing was strong again and when her sweet voice rang out again in song.................That they would set her free.

Written by: Lorraine Kember - Author of "Lean on Me" Cancer through a Carer's Eyes. Lorraine's book is written from her experience of caring for her dying husband in the hope of helping others. It includes insight and discussion on: Anticipatory Grief, Understanding and identifying pain, Pain Management and Symptom Control, Chemotherapy, Palliative Care, Quality of Life and Dying at home. It also features excerpts and poems from her personal diary. Highly recommended by the Cancer Council. "Lean on Me" is not available in bookstores - For detailed information, Doctor's recommendations, Reviews, Book Excerpts and Ordering Facility - visit her website

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