Top Three Reasons To Get Involved At Your Childs School

You may think once your child has gone off to school full-time (officially a First-Grader) that he/she no longer needs you...

You could not be more wrong...

Just consider the following three benefits of being an active part of your child's new school life.

1) You get to see your child more than before and after school. Whether you feel that you need this interaction or not, your child will surely appreciate it.

2) You get to know your child's classmates. You can better identify with who and what he/she is talking about when they come home from school.

3) You get to meet your child's various teachers, principals, school nurses, school secretaries etc... basically every adult who has any interaction with your child. These relationships alone can prove valuable in keeping you "in the loop" with what's really going on at school.

If these three basic reasons are not enough to motivate you, consider this: If you are not the parent volunteer for your child's class, somebody else will be... and thus they will know more about your child and his/her activities at school than you will. After raising and nurturing your child for the past five or six year, is this what you really want?

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