The Most Innovative New Approach for ADHD, a Natural Remedy

What's new and effective in the treatment of Attention problems? A powerful intervention that is clinically tested with computerized testing, not merely parent reports, has been available to the public since 1997, but is little known.

It is an over the counter product that contains specific Amino Acid combinations, Essential Fatty Acids, Phospholipid complexes, and Homeopathic Medicines. This product works. And the manufacturer is so certian that it will work for your family that they offer a One Year Money Back Guarantee. This is the finest Natural Solution to attention problems available!

ATTEND helped 80% of the subjects in the clinical trails to be more focused, to get their work done, and to think more clearly, as reported by the parents. Computerized CPT tests (using the TOVA test) showed that 70% of children and teens using ATTEND had better attention spans and focus to a task, were less impulsive (had more self-control), were more consistent in performance, processed information faster, and actually had faster reaction times after just 30 days of using ATTEND.
VAXA's Neuro-Scientists used cutting edge research with amino acid combinations, added Essential Fatty Acids and lipid complexes, reconfigured the homeopathic medicines, and added precursors to specific neurotransmitters. As a result of their work, ATTEND is improving the lives of children and adults who have problems with attention, learning, or impulse control as a natural remedy for adhd.

The detailed Attend ingredients list is available at the ADHD Information Library, as are the data from the study, and a comparison of ATTEND's effective to stimulant medications and to EEG Biofeedback training.

Douglas Cowan, Psy.D., is a family therapist who has been working with ADHD children and their families since 1986. He is the clinical director of the ADHD Information Library's family of seven web sites, including, helping over 350,000 parents and teachers learn more about ADHD each year. Dr. Cowan also serves on the Medical Advisory Board of VAXA International of Tampa, FL., is President of the Board of Directors for KAXL 88.3 FM in central California, and is President of Incorporated.

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